Saturday, September 4, 2010

Redefining what is Comfortable

It is amazing to me how comfortable we choose to be in our lives. Comfort is easy and accessible and encouraged in our culture. And because of this, we miss out on so much. There is so much opportunity to touch lives ALL around us.

We do not have to go overseas to find poverty. We do not have to go overseas to find single moms with not enough hands or enough time to do all that they desire for their kids. We do not have to go overseas to find a starving people- physically, intellectually, and spiritually starving.

My roommate, in describing East Nashville to me last night, explained, "There are two parts of East Nashville... there's the 'trendy, hipster, up-and-coming' part... and then there's this..."

Check it out for yourself. I hope to go visit this family soon.

And for my Tuscaloosa friends, here is another example of a couple who has become traditionally and culturally "uncomfortable" in order to taste true community.

Go visit them sometime. They are doing some amazing things.

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