Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mint Tea Mistake

As much as I would love to claim that I am the utmost sophisticated and trendy latte lover, I am not. The truth is out. I am no tea drinker or coffee drinker nor have I ever been. Yes, I spend hours upon hours in coffee shops as many of you can attest to. But in the midst of my extended stay in the coffee shop choice of the day and the time comes for me to indulge, I do so with milk and a cookie. For whatever reason, this decision never fails to make the cashier laugh as they give me the same exact look I get so often when I sip out of my Spider Man water bottle... that look that says, "And.. how old are you?" Although, I must admit, earlier this week when I gave my usual order of a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk, the cashier smiled and said, "That sounds really good right now." (And yes, it was.)

Sadly, however, as the weather has transitioned into fall and the temperature has dropped here in the lovely Middle Tennesee, my throat has been itching like a fire ant invasion and my sinuses have most definitely seen better days. I am sure you all can relate.

So I gave in and bought myself a mint tea in hopes to cure my cold with its warmth and fresh mint-iness. I return to my seat, and am suddenly reminding myself of a shameless, disastrous child at her 3-year-old birthday party... you know, the fat kid who can't seem to wait for everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" before they dive face first into the massive ocean of icing. Yep, that's me.

Finally, after a few ridiculous minutes of continuously glancing impatiently at it as if it was scheming to run away, I finally pick it up to take my first sip, ready and thrilled to receive my long-awaited "cure".

...And.... half a second later, a waterfall of tea spills all over my body because of its terrifying and surprising burn. (This probably wouldn't be a surprise to the typical and yes, normal tea drinker.) No joke, my lips still cannot stop shaking. As a result, my sickness as well as the newly formed bumps on my tongue will persist and I will be in even more pain than I was before as my entire body recovers from this mint tea explosion.

Now I know why I never try this.

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  1. BAAH! Bad tea! Very bad tea! I love tea, but I hate it when it misbehaves.

    I'm excited to read through your blog too! I hope all is well! <3