Monday, December 13, 2010

Dance of the Blind.

OK I know I have slowed down on my blogging these days and for that, I apologize... more to myself than my "readers".... whoever that may be. (Shout-out to the unknowns of this internet-infested world we live in, and I say that with all due respect.) I must confess, however, that in my unnecessary rebellion to the etiquette of consistent blogging, I have come across a ground-breaking truth: I not only enjoy writing, I need it. I desperately need it, and in some ways, I think we all do. Yes, I understand that I am a bit biased when it comes to writing. I think it is safe to say I have enough journals to fill up my entire refrigerator... ok maybe that wasn't the best example, but what I am trying to say is that I love writing.

Words are truly a gift and the ability that we have to string them together and tell each other stories or speak life into each other's worlds or express the goings-on of our hearts and minds is incredible. WOW. Can we just pause there for a moment?

For me, writing is a release of sorts, a release that can very well be this dramatic and messy process, but in the end, it is beautiful because it is a reflection of the conversation I have had with myself for so long, a conversation I did not even know I was having. Here I am so blind to my own emotions, living each day in the midst of them all as they dance around me in all of their truth.

Recently, I have realized that emotions in their rawest form do not and cannot lie. Yes, we as humans have mastered the ability to manipulate their expressions into the outer world as we hide our loneliness and our shame and our depression to the point where even we begin to sway to its catchy tune of compromise. What are we really dancing to, might I ask? What are the roots of our tears or our laughter or the restriction of both?

Through the art of writing, we can attempt to capture our emotions in their most vulnerable state. Try it. Go write something. Have yourself a journal night. Put your feet up and go sit by the fire.

Here, I'll even give you a head start. Here are some of my favorite tunes that I listen to when I am feeling a good writing day. PS- also very good road trip songs =) Enjoy. Happy Writing.

-The Wolves (Act I and II)- Bon Iver
-Fever Dream- Iron and Wine
-Boy From School- Grizzly Bear
-Suffocation Keep- The Slip
-En Gallop- Joanna Newsom
-Futile Devices- Sufjan Stevens

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