Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Showers

I know it's been a while, so how about a list of updates?
  • I got to play my first Nashville show! I played at The French Quarter with my friend Tilly! (See above picture.)
  • I drink coffee now... but don't get too excited... just vanilla lattes. That's a big step, though. Let's be honest.
  • I "officially" know a few chords on the guitar and have written two whole songs just on guitar.
  • I kind of love my job and the students I work with. They make me laugh every day.
  • I am currently reading too many books at once.
  • Tim Keller is one of new favorite authors, thinkers, and teachers.... Although his stuff can be hard to read at times because he is so brutally honest.
  • I would like to plan a trip to Europe soon... soon as in next fall/winter to see some friends! Saving up now...
  • I have rooster feather weaves in my hair now. It's becoming a trend or something. I live in Nashville now. I have to step up my game.
  • I got a Tennessee driver's license :)
  • I have been running more consistently lately, thanks to this beautiful weather! I am reminded how much I really love running.
  • I decided that I really like the age I am right now. It falls somewhere between a college kid and a grown-up.. and since I will never really feel comfortable in the grown-up world, I think this is a good fit for me.

Ok that's all for now folks. More to come...

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