Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dream On.

Alright I am writing another post tonight because...

1. I drank coffee at 5PM. (Any time after 3PM and I am up for quite some time...)
2. I am done reading The Hunger Games or else I would be, as I told my roommate last week,
    "ALL up in Katniss's world right now."
3. I have more to say.
4. I have realized lately how much I love writing. And how much I don't do it enough. That doesn't
    match up. Today is a new day.
5. I actually don't have a 5, but I hate listing things in 4's. It's un-American.


At the house show tonight, (Don't worry, I'm not going on a 6798435 word rant about why house shows rule the world again..) after the music was over and everyone was transitioning back into social rules and people watching, the night's host stood up to speak. It was brief. I mean, we're talking a 3 minute thank you and announcements about upcoming shows and events.

But then he said something that just hit me.. something along the lines of living your dream.

His dream?

To host shows. To manage bands. To bring people together through music. To create community, and as he said, "to make Nashville smaller" by connecting people. And he's done it. He's doing it. He's moving in the direction of becoming a full-time music junkie. (Umm... Yes, please.)

I know another guy who I went to college with who just started his own Snow Cone food truck in Nashville. (So proud of him. And more info. on that coming soon!)

Anyway, this whole dream thing got me thinking.

What are my dreams? And what steps am I taking to pursue them and breathe life into their abstract, half thought-out attempts at tangibility?

You know, it's funny how we put our dreams on hold because we are Young. Inexperienced. Incapable. Or as many post-college students can relate to...


Question: Are we saying these things only to make ourselves feel better about our own reality? Is this our own desperate attempt to talk ourselves in to maturity?

Adults don't dream.

Dreaming is for children.

Ohh that was before I knew what the "real world" was like.

These kinds of thoughts crowd my mind ALL the time until...

Deep breath.

There is one dream I am pursuing.

I got a job. 

In the Redwood Forest of California. Teaching 5th and 6th graders at an Outdoor Ed. program and leading night hikes and team building exercises.

Is this one of my dreams?

Am I going?

Will I miss Nashville?
Of course.

Will I come back?
Very likely.

Someday I hope to own a camp. Live on lots of land with horses and gardens and trees. Lots of trees. I long for a place that is known for its open door and empty seat, a place where people are welcome. To be themselves.

To hurt.
To cry.
To roam.
To sing.
To dance.
To feel.
To breathe.
To be human.

A place where people feel safe. A place where teenagers can come and ask questions and make friends. And find that they are worth something. In fact, they are worth a lot of things.

Yes, most of this is not possible right now. But I am moving in the direction of my dream for this next season. I am passionate about camp because it pulls people out of their own version of familiarity and comfort. Camp forces people to simplify and to focus on relationships. To put away the cell phones and the TVs and the MacBooks and just be. And that is powerful.

Ohh.. and I also want to write a book.

So dream.
I dare you.

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