Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Library Day.

Here I am in the library once again. It's official: I have found my favorite spot. By the large windows that overlook the "Green Hillsy", fancy old person park. Lots of green and sun to look at. Oh yeah, and it can't hurt that this is where the comfy seats live.

I always require two chairs, no exception- one for me, one for my legs to stretch out on. Yes, I like to think I own this place with my dramatic expectations for comfort. You would at least think I lived here with the extent of freedom I take on in merely setting up my space.

My bright yellow backpack settles in the little nook created between my two chairs while my journal, water bottle, loose papers, and phone find a home beside me in Chair #1, but not touching me in any way or else I feel crowded.

The first full minute I settle into my space, there's lots of zipping sounds thanks to my backpack and the embarrassing state of my short-term memory...

Oh wait, I need a pen. (unzip) (zip)

2 seconds later...

Oh wait, I need my planner in case I need to schedule a meeting or think of something fun coming up. (unzip) (zip)

3 seconds later...

Oh wait, I need to put my sunglasses in my backpack before I lose them. (unzip) (zip)

4 seconds later...

Oh wait, of course. It's a blue-ink day, not black-ink. Need a new pen. (unzip) (zip)

You can imagine how annoying I am in a library. And yes, one would assume I would actually need to be accompanied by another talking human being to be so dang noisy. But nope, just me.

So after my graceless attempt to keep it cool like Fonzie, I  awkwardly ward off the growing crowd of onlookers and their discomforting death-stares they have unleashed like fire in my direction, I begin my library day.

Headphones in. (Today I listen to all of Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest album. SO good.)

Chacos off.

Feet stretched out into Chair # 2.

Lap top open.

Phone on silent.

Every possible thing I might need in arms reach.

(Deep breath.)



5 seconds later...

Oh wait.

No plug.

Computer dies.



Process starts over.

Welcome to my world.

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