Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Swirl

OK yall I just went to such an awesome house show in Nashville tonight (Foreign Fields- Look them up! Amazingg!!) and let me tell you, I love live music so much. Seriously. I think going to (good) live shows goes in to my top 3 favorite things to do.


And there is something so unique, so bold and SO refreshing about house shows. It's hard to name, really.. what it is exactly that I love so much about these silly ole things. Perhaps it is the comfort of being in someone's actual home with couches and pillows instead of cement floors and bar stools. It feels much more vulnerable and exposed and personal and raw than most venues... all good things when music is involved. And I think this type of setting plants a deep seed for creative spontaneity. There seems to be a mutual respect tossed between musicians and listeners in this kind of environment, a respect that has a fresh tint to it. No one is competing for attention. Time and space submit to sound as listeners sit.




Wildly in tune to each individual and collaborative sound that so effortlessly escapes from human touch to human ears, as if listeners are required to memorize each seemingly peculiar detail and play it back to a new set of listeners. Somehow, it is here that music holds more weight. More stability. Each song rises and falls like a waterfall erupting into a river of emotion.




That's what music does to me at least. So often at shows, I feel like I am completely swallowed into my own world. My own universe. I envision a swirl of sound forming around me, thickening with each compelling song, each melodic intervention. And the best part? No one else can touch it. No one can interfere. This swirl locks me in to my own depth of reason, my own version of sanity, but only if I refuse to fight it. And in this swirl of wonder, I dream about new opportunities, people I love, what heaven's like...  or... (let's keep it real) lack of opportunity, people that are hard to love, personal pain that blinds me from the reality of heaven.

But it is here that I feel things. And quite honestly, it is here that I feel most like myself.

Is it a spiritual experience?
Very much so.

Is it inspirational for me as a songwriter and blog/journal writer?

Is it possible for me to sit still without stomping my foot or twitching chaotically and (sometimes) rhythmically to the sounds?
Uhhh... Negative.

Live music= My own personal therapy.

So there you have it. My favorite thing about Nashville? The music. And now you know why.

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