Sunday, June 24, 2012

And the Children will Sing

Oh, how I have missed this. An empty blog post, a page in my journal. This is my blank canvas. It is here that I can...

Linger (without feeling guilty about it).

It is here that I can stretch out my thoughts, stringing them together to form story and context as I reconcile the emotional turmoil that is too easily paralyzed and distorted and trapped within me. And slowly my sanity is restored, shakily creeping back into existence after too long of (Un) Paid Time Off.

So Yes. I am realizing how much I need this.

Lately I have had so many split millisecond crumbs of thought pop in to my very scattered, overwhelmed, and over-occupied brain but haven't had the time to release them just yet on to a canvas of any sort.

Thus far, these intellectual beings have rested undisturbed in my To-Do List/Scratch Paper Journal (Yep... got a journal for everything). At times this journal serves as a safe place, letting my inspirations burn by the fire and cook a while so that they taste better, smell better, and of course, look more appealing in hopes to unite friends to laugh and cry and feel their heart beat again, or maybe even for the first time as they are constantly surrounded by noise, distraction, and societal and materialistic demands. Believe it or not, this journal keeps my mind somewhat settled until I find the necessary time to release, process and stretch




So I took a class with my church recently on how to view creativity as a Christian. We talked a lot about just sitting in our desired art form and literally losing track of time because we are so locked in to our own world of color, sound or movement. And we become so consumed that we are like a child happier than we've ever been. Suddenly, things become simpler, calmer, and let's be honest, just more fun.

We also talked about Genesis 1 when God created the world. In everything He created He said,

And it was Good. 

So. Question: What would it mean for us to live in that kind of freedom with our creativity, where we don't need people to proclaim that it is good? That we call it good simply because we enjoy it. We enjoy the process, the stillness, the joy flowing from our souls as we unleash art through our fingertips, our mouths, our limbs, our feet.

As many of you may know, I am at camp for the summer which means I am around people literally all day for hours and hours and hours. (ha)


I love it. Don't get me wrong. I love being here and love the staff and campers. But even the outrageous extrovert in me needs alone time.

Yes, MUST have some Mary Margaret time. And hey, it's actually happening today! (If I had my own talk show, I would hold up my APPLAUSE sign now.)

So my creative outlet? Well one of my favorites, at least, is this.


The more I write, the more I fall in love with words and their graceful, unpredictable and rhythmic movement across my blank canvas.

So my challenge to you?

Find your creative outlet and use it.


You need it.

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