Friday, December 21, 2012

He Sings

I’m telling you, God is so kind. I just feel like I’m sitting on His lap right now and He’s singing to me like a Father singing His child to sleep. He sings right into my ear. Right into my scattered, fragile, don’t know what I want half the time kind of life.

I sit.
He holds.
I sit.
He sings.
I sit.
He embraces all the parts of me I never want shown.
And then He calls those things beautiful.
I sit.
He sits.

Even when I fail to notice His presence.
Even when I go all day without even saying His name.
Even when I am pounding fists at my steering wheel because my car won’t start or I’m at a standstill on I-65 or because I want to be anywhere but where I am at 


It is in these moments I fail to remember where I am. And where He is. I tune Him out. But He just keeps singing. His voice is like water. Falling onto a bed of rocks that are as hard as… well, rocks. Like a majestic waterfall, His voice draws all kinds of attention… except mine. My heart sits like a rock at the bottom of the waterfall, His waterfall.

Yet He still sings.

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