Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Real Deal.

Sometimes I can be so confident. A good day and I feel like I created it… like I strategically laid brick upon brick and poured my own sweat and labor into the making of its entirety.

My imaginary sweat drips off my forehead, my eyelashes, above my upper lip.
Tickling my entire face.
Sparkling all of my features like gold.

Every second of praise so well deserved. Every honor, every accolade worn like a necklace and momentarily frozen in time to remember forever, adding it to my “Fine Gallery of Achievements”.

My pride is like a boulder creeping in, silently slipping through the back door after curfew.
It destroys me.

This mindset is so addicting. I stand like a prisoner inside of myself, toiling away at life’s finest details, all for a second of attention, a second of fame. When suddenly, my self-imposed castle is nothing but a mere replica of a pile of sand whispered away by the magnitude of the tide.

What builds real castles is Hope. Love. Truth.
May I never lose sight of such things.

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