Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Transport

I love movement.
Like, LOVE it.

A much-needed walk after a day of sitting at work.
Moving in a car, watching the trees fly fast in green blurs outside the window.

Movement of all kinds- it is beautiful. 
And I need it DAILY.

I feel like God is actively breathing air into my lungs whenever I am in motion. Like He is blowing up a balloon, preparing me for something big.

I also love listening to movement in music. There's nothing like hearing a progressive build-up that transports the listener with its every millisecond of sound toward something huge and then blows up at the end.

I love movement in life.
Moving toward people.

Something about being in action toward something else, or someone else... that’s powerful. 
That’s what we were made for, I think.

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