Monday, May 11, 2015

Seas and Sidewalks.

In class the other night, we were asked to write our own personal mission statement. I finally stopped when I realized my thoughts had gone MILES past the assignment and now everyone was staring at me.

Anyway, here are some pretty important things I hope to live by. 

-to receive love and give it back.
-to connect people.
-to facilitate creative growth for others.
-to use words to create safe places for the heart, soul, and mind.
-to be a lifelong learner in the classroom, in the car, with friends, without friends.
-to eat cookies every once in a while and not feel bad about it.
-to have a multicultural perspective and sensitivity in all things.
-to never forget to dream.
-to breathe deeply even when it’s hard.
-to honor all stories, especially those I cannot relate to.
-to never stop asking questions about the world and what part I play in it.
-to empower others through intentional and active listening.
-to channel humility even when I don’t want to.
-to bring color and texture to the dark corners of life.
-to always fight for a better tomorrow.
-to invest in my community with my personal resources, time, and energy.
-to never be afraid to say No.
-to always consider saying Yes.
-to appreciate the “weird kids” because... aren't we all?!
-to never quit going on adventures over the seas and down the sidewalks. 

There is nothing like these special moments where we steal a glimpse into these deeper parts of ourselves.

In these moments, we become the story-teller and the story-listener.
And we let ourselves lean.

We lean back into the seat of a rocking chair and our feet dangle under the heavy weight of humidity, a summer's best greeting.

We lean back into our story and soon we discover,
Each story is a treasure.
Yes, even our own.

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