Friday, July 10, 2015

Up and Down Like Mountains.

The colors emerge from the ground.
They spiral up like steam out of a teapot, winding their way UP and UP and UP, deliberately piercing the breath of the earth.

A silent bolt of energy.
A loud display of hope.

No more blank skies, blank screens.
No more blank minds, blank conversations, blank stares.
Colors of all shapes and sizes now fill our space, tell us time, share their stories.

Browns, so rich and gritty.
Blues of depth and joy.
Yellows reminding us to play.
And then Red.

They move up and down like mountains.
And then they set into place, almost on cue.
Red splashes on the backs of birds.
Blue pours on to the ocean, diving deep.
Brown layers the tree bark, the soil.

Next they enter the heart, the body, the mind, and the spirit of our world.
The most perfect blend, most perfect swirl.
They speak in whispers, adding to their divine mystery.

We all agree that the colors have arrived in style.

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