Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Sacred Choice.

To receive is to be.
To stand perfectly still.
With no “next steps”, no plans, no agenda.

Expectations drop to the earth.
Layers of shame fall away.

To receive is to listen.
With kindness.
With intention.

Resistance yields.
Anger subsides.

To receive is to touch.
Mind to the present.
Heart to the Spirit.

Slowed breath.
Open hands.

I choose to receive.
When life is hard.
When blessings flow.

I choose to receive.
When my feet hurt.
When my attention fades, and my breath runs dry.

I choose to receive.
When my thoughts are scattered.
When I want to give up.
When I run.
When I speak.
When I move.

Here I am held.
I am fed.

The greatest challenge is the greatest gift.
We were born to receive.

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