Saturday, October 24, 2015

Loving Tea and Lighting Candles

I have come to love Saturdays.
They have led me to loving tea and reading in bed and lighting candles.

This is my day of listening.
Listening to my breath.
Listening to music.
Listening to the ceiling fan in my room spin around, endlessly, effortlessly.

This is my day of learning.
Learning about Mumbai, India in my latest read, Shantaram
Learning to be human again and reenergize after a long week.
Learning to find that sweet spot between duties, obligations, deadlines and rest.

Oily, messy hair but a heart full of love and compassion for my space this day, my Saturday.
This day is beauty.
And I feel like myself today more than ever.

Here's a thought: Sometimes, just sometimes, we work too hard. 

We get so caught up in the stuff around us, all those external components that make our lives busy or make us feel important and useful, and we connect to those things. But then we become dependent on, enslaved to, and tied up with these things, until all the sudden, we become those external components without even realizing it.

Our identity is found in our stuff.
You know... the meetings, the committees, the certifications, all of it.
The stuff that makes us "really involved", "really invested", really "well known in the community".

We lose ourselves in what we are “supposed to do”, what people “expect” of us, what we "told people we would get done". 

But, who are we really?
Like, on a Saturday when we actually choose to pull away from everyone everywhere and just be alive in our own skin and listen to our own breath and relax?

Let us be real today.
In every way we know how.

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